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One-on-One Career Coaching

Career Services offers a variety of career coaching around the world. Depending on individual need, alumni can schedule an appointment with a Career Coach via telephone or face-to-face.

Career Coaches

Career Coaches are Career Services staff members with extensive business and/or career coaching backgrounds.

Talk with a Career Coach to:

  • discuss questions about overall career direction and self assessment
  • develop a job search strategy and action plan
  • review your resume, cover letter, and other job search correspondence
  • manage the interview process and conduct mock interviews
  • evaluate and negotiate offers
  • address specific challenges you may be encountering in your job search

Schedule an Appointment

Please contact a coach in your preferred location.

Career Resource Center (CRC) Librarian

The Career Resource Center Librarian works with alumni to assist them with identifying the most appropriate research resources, how to use them, and how knowledge gained may inform different aspects of their career search. Call 312.464.8730 or stop by Gleacher Center, suite 440, to schedule an appointment.

Meet with the CRC staff to:

  • develop a target list of companies
  • determine the best resource to research a particular company
  • gain expertise in specific research tools
  • learn how to incorporate and apply research to different aspects of your job search


Last Updated 8/15/14